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More information about Ultimate Qublix Poker – Do you want to know how everything works?

Hourly Lottery:
At the top of every hour a pop up will appear giving you one of three bank safes to blow up. No matter what safe you choose you will win some chips, but each safe has a different value of chips in it so if you choose right you could find yourself with a lot more chips in your bankroll.

In order to get the Quad Aces progressive jackpot you must have 4 of a kind aces ( Even if all 4 aces are on the board ) and the hand must reach the showdown stage. The showdown stage comes after the last action is taken by the last player after the river has already been dealt. If you make a bet with quad aces and everyone folds before the showdown stage you will be credited with a Default win not a win with four aces.

Bonus Cards:
Bonus cards come randomly to players if you are in a room or in the lobby of Ultimate Qublix Poker. You must have 5 cards in order to make a hand, once you have a hand you can cash out for instant free poker chips. The strength of your hand determines the amount of chips you receive for cashing that hand out, the better the hand the more chips you get. If you get a card you do not need for your hand then just drop it and share the card on your wall because one of your friends may need it. When you get a bonus card you do need it can still be shared on your wall for a friend to claim and you will also keep the card in your bonus hand. Once you have 5 cards in your hand you will no longer receive or be able to claim cards, you must drop a card or cash out first to make room for the other card to be claimed.

Daily Free Chip Bonus:
Each day you log in you will receive a minimum of 10 Million free chips. A pop up appears when you first come to the game that breaks down your bonus with how much you get and why. On that same pop up you will see a little clock icon, to the right of that is displayed the amount of minutes left until your next daily free chip bonus can be claimed.
Loyalty Bonus:
For each day you come to Ultimate Qublix Poker in a row ( up to 5 days ) you will receive more chips in your daily free chip bonus, the more days in a row the more your bonus will be. If you miss one day you will be taken back down to the first loyalty bonus level.

The Ultimate Qublix Poker allows you to make a group of your friends called a club. The club has its own unique name and this name is displayed under your user name when you are seated at any table. In the lobby you may view all of the people in the club and how many people each person has brought to the club ( displayed as a number below each person’s picture in the lobby ) The more people in your club the more poker chips you will receive in your daily free chip bonus. As you go up in club members you will also reach different multiplier levels, what this does is multiply the club bonus and change the color of the club name so your club stands out more than others when seated at a table.

While you are playing at any regular, fast or VIP tables you may simultaneously challenge anyone at your table to a one on one Heads-up match by clicking the green circle icon with 2 swords crossed. A pop up window will appear over your dealer chat not hindering any aspect of the regular game and in that window only you and the person who accepted your challenge will appear and no one else will be able to join. The match will continue until one person looses all their chips or gets up from the table. If you are playing Heads-up your green circle icon will turn red letting all other players at the table know that you can’t be challenged for the time being. If you win the match you will be credited with a Heads-up win which can be seen in the lobby.

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