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Welcome to the most fun you can have on the Internet! Introducing the first Facebook Poker Game outside of Facebook. Log in with Facebook Connect and start playing right here, right now!

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More chips for the same price!
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5When buying Ultimate Qublix Poker Chips from the web-exclusive payment options, you will receive additional free poker chips which you can use in our social poker game both on and on Facebook. Why buy anywhere else?

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Earn Free Chips

6Play with you friends in our social poker game and earn chips. This feature is coming soon and is only available on the open web. It allows us to reward you for helping our game be more social. Check back for details!

Invite Friends

Stay Connected

7The open web is no longer a lonely place. Connect with Facebook and play social multiplayer poker on You will be able to share your achievements, send chips and invite friends the same way you do on Facebook.

Stay Connected

More Payment Options

8Get exclusive payment options like PayPal and Tapjoy only on Use PayPal’s secure site to purchase Ultimate Poker Chips and know that your payment information is private and protected. Play Social, Buy Secure.

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